3 Suggestions On What To Do If Your Preteen Daughter Comes Home Crying

1. Do something for her that you know she likes so she can feel better about herself. Maybe it's taking a hot bath with lovely bath salts. Maybe it snuggling with her pet. Maybe it's baking cookies.


I would suggest sitting down with her ahead of time when all is calm to come with a list of her favorite things.


2. Treat her issue with respect. Even if what's bothering her seems silly to you it's very real to her.


This is where deep listening is really great if they're so inclined to talk. Really just listen, sometimes that's all they want. It feels good to be deeply heard.


3. Maybe simply Leave her alone.  She might just need some time and space.


You could ask her if there's anything that she needs or if there's anything you can do to help. If she says no, then leave her be.  

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