A Little About Me

I'm a certified life coach and an artist. As well I hold a specialized certificate for coaching youth from the Youth Coaching Institute.​

I help pre-teen girls to know how amazing they are, right now!

A little about me...I'm doing great now, and I was a feisty, fun and really active girl until I was about 11 or 12. Then it all came crashing in.


I became very self conscious of my budding body, I didn't think I was smart anymore. I made myself calm down and hide out when I felt "full of myself". At around 13 I started smoking a lot of pot. When I hit high school I went to school less and less and so I became an expert at forging my mother's signature.

I went into hiding and I stayed there for a very very long time. It took a lot of therapy, coaching, art and even comedy improvisation to get me to come out of hiding and see myself as a person of value and power.

My parents did the best they could but they were at a loss to know what to do to help me.

This hiding can happen so easily to a young girl going and it hurts, a lot.

This is why I'm so passionate about this work. I don't want another amazing girl to get stuck hiding out for even a minute let alone decades.

I want to catch these girls before they develop potentially life squashing habits.


What I love about my work is seeing these girls become comfortable in their own skins at such a young and possible distressing age. They can know their intrinsic power, power that is not coming from anyone except themselves.


And when they're in uncomfortable situations they learn tools to help them work it out. And that is powerful.

One thing I learned that I want to teach a younger girl:


  • “She is important and special" Maya aged 10

  • “She has a voice”  Summer age 12


The most important thing I learned about myself is:


  • ‘I’m funny”        Summer age 12

  • “I am strong and special" Clara age 11

  • ‘I am confident”    Simone age 11

Statements from girls after taking the workshop.

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launchpadcoaching@gmail.com    Pre-teen/adolescent girl life coach

Mar Vista Ca