"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast"

~Lewis Carroll

I respect you as an Intelligent, Creative, Strong, Sensitive and Capable person.

I want you to walk through your life full of your own power and creativity.

LaunchPad  IS A SAFE, COMFORTABLE, fun space, COMPLETELY FREE OF JUDGEMENT.  You will make a cool art projects, get a little deep, share if you want, maybe make a new friend.

(And you don't have to be "an Artist" to make art in this program)



I want you to feel confident, to be able to make mistakes and bounce back. To be proud of who you are, not afraid to be curious, to be supportive of your friends and family and of yourself.

Above all I want for you to be able to find your very own best answers and be your most awsome kick ass, powerful selves.

During our sessions and workshops you will have a break from school pressures, peer pressures, homework pressures to work on yourself through some coaching and do some very cool art projects. (Did I mention that we do cool art projects...) 

​We tend to look at what isn’t working and then try to fix it. What we'll do is look at what is working, and then get more of that.

It can be hard to remember how amazingly unique you are. It's my job to remind you of that, and to help you come up with ways to remind yourself as well. 

You will have an adult in your life, other than a parent who is completely on your side, no judgements.