"Sweater, n. Garmet worn by child when it's mother is feeling chilly."

~ Ambrose Bierce, The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary


I want to first mention that a person doesn't have to be in crisis to want to be supported.

Coaching does not replace therapy. Both professions offer a safe place to be heard, no judgement, and a positive relationship. A therapist might help a client by looking back to heal old wounds, focusing on past issues. A therapist might work with a client who is clinicly depressed or has clinical anxiety.​

Whereas a life coach works with what is going on now, looks forward, keeps the client focusing on what is already working and works on having more of that it their lives.

A coach doesn't give advice. Rather they help the client find their own answers. The client learns that being responsible for their own well being, while initially can sound scary 
is ultimately empowering and freeing. 

This is a very effective way for the client to find the specific tools and answers that are unique to just them. The more the client is willing to put into the process, the more they will get out of it. This is a partnership between the coach and the client.

As well, a coach supports change by being an accountability partner. At the end of each session the client chooses an intention to work on until the next session. When they meet again the coach checks to see how those intentions went. The client can choose to act on those intentions or not, there is no judgement either way. The coach then checks in to see how that intention went.