" My teenage daughter has been working with Carol in developing confidence and self esteem. Carol's unique program, which combines art and coaching has been a great way for my daughter to open up and talk in a comfortble and creative setting. Carol is the best! "

Sue, mother
Mar Vista, Ca

 " My high school years were some of the most tumultuous times of my life. I was having a lot of problems in my junior year.  Together my mom and I found a solutions.  My mom helped instill strength in me during the time in my life when I felt the weakest. " 
Simone, daughter
​20 years old.

​​" During our weekly sessions, Carol has made a safe and supportive space. With her help I have been able to move beyond many self defeating beliefs, creating a better life for myself. I am able to evnision a future that I could not have imagined for myself before we began working together. "

Jean, aged 18

Memphis, Tn

" I've been working with Carol for about 6 months. She is really easy to talk to. High School can be really difficult, but working with Carol makes it easier. She's been helping me learn to sew and gain conficence. She is amazing! "

Clara, aged 15

Santa Monica, Ca

​"It embarasses her to talk to me about some things, but you are a third party without the same emtional investment as her parent and so she talks to you about things that she might not talk to me about. When you're working on a project it can be easier for her to open up.

It's nice to have someone else be creative with her, I'm not great with that stuff. I don't really have the supplies or the dedication. I'm pretty swamped dealing with day to day stuff. I need to take care of myself when I have my free time.

You've made a safe place where she can ask questions, and to create and engage. You're easy to talk to and easy to be with.  She never feels judged. 

She's really happy and satisfied about finishing her dress, she's proud of what she made. She doesn't toot her own horn much, but she is telling people that she made the dress herself. This is empowering for her, it makes me really happy to see her feeling so good about herself.

She feels good doing something for herself, to be bettering herself. She's learning new skills which she loves. 

She's taking this time with you to be creative, that's not something she'd do on her own. It's giving her a really nice break from school pressures, homework, peer pressures. And she's getting the support to learn something new without feeling awkward."

Anne, Mother

Santa Monica , Ca