What We Do And How We Do It

We all have Super Powers!  Think about it, some are really good at scoring goals, some are great listeners, some make a mean apple pie.

To help your daughter get to know more of her Super Powers, and she's got lots of them, we work is groups of 4-8 doing  fun and deep experiential activities, and we do art.

The art. This gives your daughter a nice chunk of time with no social media, no friend drama, no peer pressure, no school woes. And she gets to have a very cool art project to take home that she's made.


We do projects that are open ended enough that she can really make them her own. 

And she doesn't have to be an "artist" to do the projects. I've created projects that anyone can do and feel good about.

One thing I do with each group is have the girls set their own rules for their group. It might be the rule of confidentiality, of non- judgement, of no advice unless asked for...whatever they decide is important.


By being in a group of their peers they might hear that others are going through the same stuff that they are. In the group they can use their super powers of listening and being supportive.

Some art projects we've done in the past:


journal making, contour drawing, paper making, mosaics, self portrait pillows, needle felting, found object art, custom rubber stamps, collage, wire sculpture, mandala making, embroidered contour drawing, leaf painting, torn paper self portrait, ...


It can be hard for them to remember how amazingly unique they are. It's my job to remind your daughter of that, and to help her come up with ways to remind herself. 


She will have an adult in her life, other than a parent or a teacher who is completely on her side, no judgements and supremely supportive.


Wouldn't we all want that?

"My daughter had many great moments in this class, but her favorite were discussions about real life situations the girls were facing, and discussing possible approaches to handling them. She felt empowered by this more than anything, and found the class to be a huge support for her at this age!" 


Joyce, mother of Summer

aged 11


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